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Using Waterproof Wireless Workout Tracking Headphones for Your Workout

When attempting to purchase a pair of good headphones for exercise purposes, you will want to make sure that they’re equipped with the appropriate features. Obviously, you’ll want to ensure that the headphones will stay on your head and in your ears, while you jog about. It is also vital to ensure that they’re very tough and durable. Suffice to say, they should be able to withstand a drop every once in a while! This will ensure that they’ll provide you with many years of use. Of course, wireless technology and awesome sound quality is also very important.

If these characteristics sound right for your specific needs, you’ll want to check out the Gogo-S, which definitely suits all of these purposes. Not only are these headphones extremely durable, but also they’re entirely wireless. In this sense, they’re actually totally wireless, as no wire connects one earbud to the other. Instead, each bud fits into each ear and nothing connects them, as side from a little wireless signal. For fitness purposes, these earbuds are exceptionally. They’re capable of tracking a ton of different fitness related activity, including your heart rate. An interactive online guide is also provided to ensure that you can take your routine to the next level.


So, how does the technology actually work? The earbuds rely on Duet Play Technology, in order to transmit audio from one ear to the other. This innovative technology ensures that the music remains in sync, while you exercise. Also, the buds are specifically designed for your particular ear size. They’re available in three individual sizes, including small, medium and large. In order to connect the earbuds to your computer or phone, you’ll need to rely on Bluetooth technology. Of course, this shouldn’t be a major issue. The majority of computers and phones are compatible with this technology.

So, what makes them suitable for exercising? The buds are capable of interacting with the Go Sport App. This allows you to select particular workout routines and manage your progress. Surprisingly, the buds are very accurate, when it comes to determining the wearer’s heartbeat. According to the manufacturer, they’re more reliable than Apple’s Watch. This is very impressive and ensures that you’ll be able to receive accurate information about yourself and your workout.

When interacting with the earbuds, they’re capable of providing you with information about your current progress. For instance, they can alert you to your current speed, the number of steps you’ve taken and your current heart rate. All of this information is also viewable on your mobile device, but listening to it is ultimately more exciting. With the utilization of Go Sport, you can manage your entire music playlist for the upcoming exercise. This helps to provide you with the motivation needed to drive you through to the end!

And finally, the earbuds are actually waterproof for 1 meter. This should be sufficient for most individuals. This is excellent for keeping them safe from your sweat

Overall, these earbuds are now being featured on a few headphones and audio review sites positively so these earbuds are definitely impressive and will serve you awesomely.


High Tech Options to Modernize Your Lifestyle

The huge rise in technology has completely revolutionized our world and beginning to change the way we interact with the objects in our life. Far from just the fact that nearly everyone now uses smartphones and that the internet now plays a major role in our everyday lives, there are even refrigerators that allows you to use Twitter!

Still, while that might not be a particularly useful feature, there are a number of ways which you can use technology to modernize and simplify your life. Smart home technology and the increasing internet of things (everyday objects which include connectivity; see Twitter capable fridge) is really beginning to catch on and ushering in a whole new world. In fact, you probably won’t even recognize the smart home of today.

Simplify With Smart Appliances

Imagine linking your oven to your smartphone, allowing you to program it to preheat as you leave the office, or letting you turn the stove off remotely should you ever forget. Or being able to switch on the air conditioning or heating from afar, so the house is always the perfect temperature when you get home. With smart thermostats, WiFi connected ranges and other home automation technology, you can begin to simplify your life in a whole new way.

Keep Your Home Safe

Many people are now looking towards security systems as a way to help protect the home and family. However, did you know that these same devices can also inform you when the kids get home from school, or give you peace of mind knowing that everything is normal at your elderly parents home—even informing you if the doors are locked and letting you lock them remotely and giving you alerts when mom or dad gets up in the morning, turns on the stove, leaves the house, etc., etc.

Reduce Your Cleaning Load

Cleaning is one task we all must do, but that doesn’t make it any easier or more enjoyable. However, you can now use technology to help lighten the load. While we’re still nowhere near the stage of fully autonomous cleaning robots, robotic vacuum cleaners like the Roomba are still an easy way to help you take care some of your cleaning tasks.

These little programmable robots can do a pretty decent job of cleaning your floors and carpets, and while they’re not yet powerful enough to fully replace your normal hoover, they can still limit the number of times you have to do the job by taking care of light vacuuming a few times a week.

Of course, these are just a few of the ways that technology is beginning to take over and help to improve our lives, especially judging by just how fast things are currently progressing. If things continue in the same way, who knows what the future could look like?


High Tech Showers? You Won’t Believe What’s Possible

Technology and water are two things which normally don’t go together, and most of them probably shouldn’t unless you want to risk being electrocuted. However, with the rise in tech gadgets, it only makes sense that companies are now finding a way to safely combine the two, as this beautiful Insignia corner steam shower cabin more than shows.Insignia Lite Steam Shower

Far from being your standard shower cabin, this incredible model allows you to enjoy the pleasure of having a steam room conveniently located in your own bathroom. This means you can relax and enjoy the soothing and healing effects of warm steam each and every day if you want. What better way could there be to relax after a long, hard day’s work than coming home to enjoy a steam bath in the comfort and privacy of your own home?

Still, you may be asking yourself where technology and gadgets come into all of this. Well, for starters, this isn’t just any ordinary shower cabin. Far from being just a basic shower and steam room combo, the Insignia Lite features beautiful coloured lighting thanks to its unique LED strips which allow you to bathe in a brilliant array of colours.

However, while many showers features lights and interior colours, none can match the Insignia Lite’s astonishing range of 18 different colour choices and effects. Choose from blue, red, green, purple, cyan, yellow or white, or get a mix of them all with various different effects and options. All of these options can be managed right from the shower using the touchscreen control panel or through a remote, giving you the ultimate in luxurious relaxation. Even incidental features like the shower door rollers have had some design thought put into them and feature polished chrome quick release styles

Again though, LED lights aren’t the most advanced technology, but that’s far from all you’ll get with this steam shower. If you’re one of those who loves to sing in the shower, this product gives you the option to sing along (or just listen) to your favorite music thanks to its built-in speakers and FM radio.

Nonetheless, even if you’re not a fan of local radio, you also have the option to listen to anything you could possibly want. This is because this steam shower doesn’t just feature a radio, but it also comes with a built-in USB port so that you can connect your memory stick, smartphone or any other device directly to it.

While all of these options are great, the fine folks at Insignia have taken it all even a step further in the tech category by also providing Bluetooth connectivity. That’s right, this is a shower with Bluetooth!!

All of these features and gadgets surely make this one of the best showers on the market, but if you’re still not convinced, check out this steam shower website to learn about even more its features and to read honest reviews.


Eco Friendly Style Tips That Can Enliven Any Home

Making your home more environmentally friendly and lowering your carbon footprint is an important step we should all look at cell-sizes1taking. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to immediately go out and buy expensive solar panels (although it’s a great investment), as there are many easier ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style for eco-friendly results, as these following tips will give you the best of all worlds.
Rethink Your Windows
The best place to start looking at the energy efficiency of your home is the windows, which are usually the biggest culprits as far as both heat loss and heat gain. If you have old windows, you really should consider replacing them with new double glazed windows, of which there are a heap of beautiful, stylish choices.


Even if you can’t afford new windows, you can still see a major improvement by investing in more energy efficient window coverings. The UK Energy Saving Trust recommends heavy curtains or hollow blinds. Hollow or honeycomb shades are available in a huge number of colours and styles and are guaranteed to look fantastic in any setting.
By trapping air in the hollow pockets inside the shades, they provide much better insulation than other window coverings. Plus, you can choose more sheer colours that will let in beautiful natural light while still providing the privacy you crave. The windows are always a focal point of any room, so adding these smart blinds can give a special touch to any room, while also helping you to save a bundle on your energy bills.
Lighting Matters

We all know about the importance of turning the lights off when we leave a room, but did you know that replacing your light bulbs with modern energy efficient lighting such as LEDs can have an even bigger effect. Better still, most LED’s are dimmable, so you can create some amazing mood lighting in seconds.
You may also want to think about using LED strip lighting to add even more effects and create a unique look and feel in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom or virtually anywhere else. Best of all, LED bulbs last for years and years, meaning you won’t have to feel like you’re constantly replacing light bulbs anymore.
Garden Design
Your garden is also another place where you can take some easy steps towards being more eco-friendly, such as limiting the amount of grass you have and replacing it with clover or other natural options that don’t require constant watering and cutting. It both looks fantastic and reduces your water usage and pollution due to mowing and trimming. The same goes with whatever plants you choose and avoid anything that needs additional watering, which really shouldn’t be a problem considering the amount of rain we get in the UK.
At the end of the day, it’s not difficult to start making your life more eco-friendly, and as you can see, you can also add a touch of extra style while doing so.

Looking For Something He’ll Love- Why Not Give Him the Gift of Beer?

Finding the perfect gift for that special man in your life, whether it be your boyfriend or husband, father brother or son, can be quite a tricky proposition—especially if you don’t want to go with the outdated old standbys like ties, tools or clothes. One of the major problems is that, unlike women, men are usually not very good at verbalizing what they really want, which usually leaves most women left in the dark as to what to get him.

If this sounds like you and you have absolutely no clue as to what types of gifts he’ll really enjoy and more importantly, that he’ll actually use, then let us take the guesswork out of your choice by presenting you with a series of different gift choices that almost any man will love. Today we’re going to start out with booze, because in all honestly, what self-respecting man doesn’t love a nice cold drink now and then.

Buying Booze for Men

When you’re looking for an amazing gift to give a man—any man, no matter who he is, where he’s from or what he does for a living—you can almost never go wrong with alcohol (unless he doesn’t happen to partake, in which case you’re on your own). While an expensive bottle of bourbon, a tasty tequila or a special aged scotch are always great gift choices that most men will most definitely make use of, you may want to get a bit more creative and give him something that seems like it comes from the heart.

The worldwide craft revolution in craft brewing has left many men with a more refined palate when it comes to beer, with many of us now preferring amber ales, IPA’s or god forbid, even wheat beers to those tired old cans or pints our fathers and grandfathers used to drink. If this sounds like a man in your life, then the perfect gift might just be a DIY home brewing kit that will allow him to combine two of man’s greatest loves—drinking and creating!

There are numerous stores and websites that features home brewing information and even sell brewing supplies and full kits, some of which aren’t just limited to beer, but also give you the option of giving your man the gift of homemade cider or even making his own wine if that’s more of his style.

Brewing your own beer is actually incredibly easy, while also be a whole lot of fun, especially as you get better at it and begin to be able to experiment with your own ingredients and recipes. Still, to help you get started, there are tons of videos, recipes and other information online to ensure that he doesn’t get lost and that the end result tastes better than you can imagine.

A starter home brewing kit makes an amazingly thoughtful gift that is sure to go over well, and most feature everything you need to craft one batch of your own tasty brew, including all ingredients, tools and even bottles so you can store and serve it up for friends when they come over. Not only is home brewing fun and produces some tasty results, but the cost of brewing your own beer is sometimes as little as 10-20p per pint—making it much better than having him spend all of his time and money in the pub. All in all, these kits are one of the best gift you can possibly give to any man in your life who has an affinity for ale, a love for lager, or just simply enjoys a nice pint now and then.



Best Products for the Home- Nothing Beats a Dyson Vacuum

Dyson Collection


While some home items are designed to help increase the beauty, aesthetic appeal and style of your house, others are there purely for more practical applications, such as those used for cooking or cleaning. However, nothing says that these more practical household items can’t also be sleek, modern and stylish while still performing their very necessary functions, which is exactly what Dyson has sought to achieve.
While stylish isn’t a word one would normally associate with vacuum cleaners, that may change after viewing some of the excellently designed products Dyson has to offer. Still, while most of their products are definitely sleek, compact and even border on eye-catching, the company hasn’t sacrificed anything in terms of strength and overall quality. In fact, no other manufacturer can really match Dyson vacuums for power and performance.
You can spend as much money as you want on interior decorating, but really it will all be for naught if you don’t have the cleaning products and accessories to keep those expensive furnishings looking their best—which is exactly where Dyson comes in.
The Best of the Best- What Makes Dyson Different?
Dyson produces a quite wide, varying range of hoovers, many of which can be viewed on this vacuum cleaner website . The original Dyson model was developed in the UK nearly 30 years ago by Sir James Dyson, an inventor who sought to improve upon existing vacuum designs by making them more powerful and eliminating the common problem of suction loss due to dust build-up.
Since developing his initial model, the Dyson company has gone on to be one of the major leading innovators in vacuum technology and they have since sold millions of products around the globe. While a lot has changed in the time since Sir James first created the company, one thing that has remained constant is his patented Root Cyclone technology.
The biggest issue Dyson saw with normal hoovers is that they tend to lose suction as dust builds up inside them, which he immediately rectified by focusing on vacuums that use a dust canister that can easily be emptied instead of your standard bags which need to frequently be changed and are usually quite expensive. By creating bagless vacuums that work by using small funnels to create a cyclone effect with the air, which provides incredible sucking strength without ever being clogged.
Still, as you can see from reading these Dyson reviews , it’s not simply their power that has made them one of the bestselling hoover brands around the globe. By replacing the larger bags with much smaller dust canisters, they are also some of the lightest vacuums on the market. Not only that, but their excellent line of uprights feature a unique ball design that provides for much more maneuverability and ease of use than traditional wheels and casters.
Dyson is always making the news with their innovative new products that continue to push the envelope and usher in a revolution in vacuum cleaner technology. So, if you want to help keep your beautiful home looking its absolute best, you really can’t match the cleaning power of a Dyson—making them one of the best home products money can buy.

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