Eco Friendly Style Tips That Can Enliven Any Home

Making your home more environmentally friendly and lowering your carbon footprint is an important step we should all look at cell-sizes1taking. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to immediately go out and buy expensive solar panels (although it’s a great investment), as there are many easier ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style for eco-friendly results, as these following tips will give you the best of all worlds.
Rethink Your Windows
The best place to start looking at the energy efficiency of your home is the windows, which are usually the biggest culprits as far as both heat loss and heat gain. If you have old windows, you really should consider replacing them with new double glazed windows, of which there are a heap of beautiful, stylish choices.


Even if you can’t afford new windows, you can still see a major improvement by investing in more energy efficient window coverings. The UK Energy Saving Trust recommends heavy curtains or hollow blinds. Hollow or honeycomb shades are available in a huge number of colours and styles and are guaranteed to look fantastic in any setting.
By trapping air in the hollow pockets inside the shades, they provide much better insulation than other window coverings. Plus, you can choose more sheer colours that will let in beautiful natural light while still providing the privacy you crave. The windows are always a focal point of any room, so adding these smart blinds can give a special touch to any room, while also helping you to save a bundle on your energy bills.
Lighting Matters

We all know about the importance of turning the lights off when we leave a room, but did you know that replacing your light bulbs with modern energy efficient lighting such as LEDs can have an even bigger effect. Better still, most LED’s are dimmable, so you can create some amazing mood lighting in seconds.
You may also want to think about using LED strip lighting to add even more effects and create a unique look and feel in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom or virtually anywhere else. Best of all, LED bulbs last for years and years, meaning you won’t have to feel like you’re constantly replacing light bulbs anymore.
Garden Design
Your garden is also another place where you can take some easy steps towards being more eco-friendly, such as limiting the amount of grass you have and replacing it with clover or other natural options that don’t require constant watering and cutting. It both looks fantastic and reduces your water usage and pollution due to mowing and trimming. The same goes with whatever plants you choose and avoid anything that needs additional watering, which really shouldn’t be a problem considering the amount of rain we get in the UK.
At the end of the day, it’s not difficult to start making your life more eco-friendly, and as you can see, you can also add a touch of extra style while doing so.