Using Waterproof Wireless Workout Tracking Headphones for Your Workout

When attempting to purchase a pair of good headphones for exercise purposes, you will want to make sure that they’re equipped with the appropriate features. Obviously, you’ll want to ensure that the headphones will stay on your head and in your ears, while you jog about. It is also vital to ensure that they’re very tough and durable. Suffice to say, they should be able to withstand a drop every once in a while! This will ensure that they’ll provide you with many years of use. Of course, wireless technology and awesome sound quality is also very important.

If these characteristics sound right for your specific needs, you’ll want to check out the Gogo-S, which definitely suits all of these purposes. Not only are these headphones extremely durable, but also they’re entirely wireless. In this sense, they’re actually totally wireless, as no wire connects one earbud to the other. Instead, each bud fits into each ear and nothing connects them, as side from a little wireless signal. For fitness purposes, these earbuds are exceptionally. They’re capable of tracking a ton of different fitness related activity, including your heart rate. An interactive online guide is also provided to ensure that you can take your routine to the next level.


So, how does the technology actually work? The earbuds rely on Duet Play Technology, in order to transmit audio from one ear to the other. This innovative technology ensures that the music remains in sync, while you exercise. Also, the buds are specifically designed for your particular ear size. They’re available in three individual sizes, including small, medium and large. In order to connect the earbuds to your computer or phone, you’ll need to rely on Bluetooth technology. Of course, this shouldn’t be a major issue. The majority of computers and phones are compatible with this technology.

So, what makes them suitable for exercising? The buds are capable of interacting with the Go Sport App. This allows you to select particular workout routines and manage your progress. Surprisingly, the buds are very accurate, when it comes to determining the wearer’s heartbeat. According to the manufacturer, they’re more reliable than Apple’s Watch. This is very impressive and ensures that you’ll be able to receive accurate information about yourself and your workout.

When interacting with the earbuds, they’re capable of providing you with information about your current progress. For instance, they can alert you to your current speed, the number of steps you’ve taken and your current heart rate. All of this information is also viewable on your mobile device, but listening to it is ultimately more exciting. With the utilization of Go Sport, you can manage your entire music playlist for the upcoming exercise. This helps to provide you with the motivation needed to drive you through to the end!

And finally, the earbuds are actually waterproof for 1 meter. This should be sufficient for most individuals. This is excellent for keeping them safe from your sweat

Overall, these earbuds are now being featured on a few headphones and audio review sites positively so these earbuds are definitely impressive and will serve you awesomely.